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Download New Wordsmiths Song: "Hold On"

My international band of stick up kids have a new song called "HOLD ON" Download and enjoy.

I'm second on the song. Here's my verse:

Emcees come
a dime a dozen, that's less
than a penny for the thoughts
of the average rapper...mad stress

My "patience is short"
like a clinic for midgets
Hungry like I never
heard dinner's invented

We got heat
to warm your winter in tenements
Wordsmiths fresh
as some cinnamon dinner mints

I campaign for your
state of mind citizens
bludgeon the governor
left his body under a rug

These are desperate measures...
JOC inspects the weather as a daygig
I'm doing data entry
helping others to stay rich

Turn the tables...
form a label...
chop samples...
a lot to handle...

Thug it through as we hustle
Plan to double
Fam in trouble

Hold on, whole song
is a sojourn to the glass ceiling
Attach feelings
to form phrases

Scarred in parts cuz
I'm torn in places
Become a king
that was born in stasis...

July 25, 2003 in Music | Link Me | Related Searches | Related Music

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