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Rakim leaves Aftermath

I've been scooped. Usually I love linking people to Jay because he runs what many consider the best hip-hop blog out there. However, this time it hurts because I knew about Rakim leaving Aftermath yesterday but at the time it seemed like a rumor from an unreliable website. Plus, MTV reported on Rakim's album dropping "soon" just last week! How could things change so quickly? So I sat on the story and decided to write about it later. What a mistake.

So here's an excerpt of the entry from Jay:

Rakim Finally Gives Up on Aftermath
And thus Rakim joins the club of high profile Dr. Dre signings (Eve, Last Emperor, King T, who else?) who wound up languishing on the shelf for years, and finally dropped with nothing whatsoever to show for their time.

Disappointing but not surprising, after seeing the project drag on for so long

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