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Ras Kass Open Letter

Ras Kass has released an open letter to all of his fans and frienemies. I love this guy as an artist, but he's very arrogant as a person and this letter only seems to prove it more.

For instance he says:

What I fought against was the systematic undermining of my economic wellbeing. The politics within the racist machine known as Priority/ Capital Records who, for 5 years, binded me in a recording contact but never fulfilled their part-promoting and distributing an album. Now ask yourself, “if I couldn’t get these people to put out an album nor would they agree to allow me to record elsewhere-how do I eat?!”
Yet, based on an article in XXL Priority kept dumping money into his album and he kept coming up with an unfinished product. Then Ras wanted to break the contract and leave but they wouldn't let him unless they got a return for their money. Rule number 1080 is true about all record companies being shady, but this sounds reasonable to me.
Ras goes on:
Ironically, when I expressed concern that I wasn’t being given a fair chance, Priority’s executives branded me “hard to deal with!” then ‘drunk!’ I was even told I was “too smart for my own good”. Whoa!
Ok, it does seem that Priority is blackballing Ras in that same XXL article I mentioned above. They hint that maybe Ras drank away his advance money that was supposed to be used to finish the album. However, he's not helping his case by getting arrested twice for drunk driving and even hitting someone (correct me if I'm wrong).

So yeah...FREE RAS KASS blah blah blah but I'm only saying that because I'm still hoping for a Golden State album

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actually, i would have expected worse. while it's his own damn fault that he signed to priority, it is actually the responsibility of the label to make sure albums come out in a timely manner. the problem is that major labels are always putting their weight behind "jackpot" artists, at the expense of "stable" artists like Ras. When it comes to signing, you gotta read the fine print.

Posted by: underground hip hop head eric at Aug 27, 2003 2:10:08 AM

yo ras quit fronting and crying i know your steez your a good rapper maybe one of the best but you make some bad moves and your a bit fake. your not revoutionary and I doubt you would sell anyway. you rap too east coast in the west, you dont have the right appeal. sorry son
ya the game screwed ya but your a dumb nigga that just knows a lot. dig it. if you stood for something i would give a shit but you dont so i dont care. i wish you was real, you just another over talented nergo who isnt serious about life so he got screwed by the system. God expected more from a guy of your talents. but your a waste. typical black male.

Posted by: kaliym at Oct 17, 2003 12:52:24 PM

Ras Kass is ill I dont know what your talking about........ U say Ras is to smart for his good i think people are 2 stupied to understand whats really going on.And priority there just money hungry bastereds u think they give a shit about ras all they care about is money.Ras Kass is a dope artist all support him throw the thick and thin........


Posted by: FreeRas at Dec 25, 2003 2:04:55 PM

I have been waiting for thses type of information very long time.

Posted by: Melanie at Jun 19, 2004 9:37:49 AM

ok lay off my n%%##@ allready,ok he did mess up but,rejoice,this iz Kass cmon u ppl should be judgin' this man like that.allight....yall gon see YOU THINK THA LORD GAVE HIM THIS CHANCE 4 NUTHIN? FOOL IS BOUTS TO GET RODE ON,THATS COMMIN A REAL EMCEE[DANGEROUS TACTICS]SEATTLE BY WAY OF SAN FRANCISCO,OOOOO! WATCH

Posted by: dangerous tactics at Jun 27, 2005 5:35:49 AM