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Slang Dictionary: "Math"

"Math" is a New York slang word for phone number. I figure it's based on how a written phone number looks like a math equation- (212) 555-1212.

Nas uses the word on the song "Small World" off the I am... album:

"After that I usually, bumped into her shoppin for jewerly
Her bodyguard screwin me, I gave her my math"
Also, Bobbito casually used the word twice back in '98 at the end of a Big L freestyle:
"Yo, I'm gonna give you my math"
And even Tupac says the word on the song "Gotta Get Mine":
"so many niggas lied to have
funny what a muthaf****a do for math"

Trent points out that "math" also can mean "figure it out." Thanks.

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Added the definition to my site. You should get a link on you page with all the definitions.

Posted by: Cal Ulmann at Aug 1, 2003 2:55:08 PM

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Posted by: Sarah Emily at Jan 7, 2005 6:20:06 AM

Don't forget Biggie Smalls (from B.I.G. Interlude):

"Meet the b*tch. Get the p*ssy. Get the math. I'm gone."

Posted by: C.L. McGhee at Mar 4, 2005 2:28:47 AM