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MTV Blogs Now?

I just found this MTV Blog today. I searched for one by Sway but then realized that MTV only has one which is a group blog. I was very excited at the thought that this will take music blogging a little more mainstream. Then actually read the posts and saw that it sucks.

Obviously they're hopping onto trend they see is becoming popular. But they're doing it late and wrong, just like when they added more hip-hop to their line-up a few years ago. Here are some suggestions for the folks there:

1. Update more often. 7 writers and there's a single post every other day? Bloggin is supposed to be quick and timely.

2. Use permalinks. It's not that hard. How can I link to a specific post they write unless it has it's own link?

3. Um...write about something.

I'll post more about this later

September 21, 2003 in Music | Link Me | Related Searches | Related Music

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MTV NETWORKS SUCK! It's amazing what you can do with no talent and mirrors...Thanks for nothing!

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