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Atmosphere on MTV

MTV Loves Ugly.

It has begun. MTV.com now has a band page for Atmosphere, plus their song "Trying to Find a Balance" is featured as a track on the online version of Advance Warning vol. 3.

Congrats to those Twin City boys for turning down so many major label offers and sticking to their independent roots. Slug even jokes that he allows majors to court him just to get a free meal out of them! And now look...they've smashed onto MTV on their own terms. So indie artists take note: you don't have to sell your soul to be successful in this game.

I have some problems with their MTV coverage though. First off the pictures they have up are all Slug and Mr. Dibbs, yet if I didn't know better I would think I was looking at Slug and Ant. Secondly, both album profiles they have up mention Eminem way too much. What's the connection other than both artists being White? Peep how corny the profile for their album "God Loves Ugly" is:

"Move over Eminem, and tell Slim Shady the news. Not only is Twin Cities white rapper Slug (the voice of Atmosphere) more interested in storytelling than in venting his personal frustrations..."

Not only does this writer stupidly compare Slug to Em, he is also incorrect. Slug is known for "venting his personal frustrations" more than anything else! Even a cursory listen to any of his albums or a quick Google search of any of his interviews would have cleared that up.


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Dummies... so true. They probably show Mr. Dibbs instead of Ant because Dibbs is Atmosphere's live performing deejay. Ant is the producer but doesn't perform.

Posted by: Jon at Oct 20, 2003 11:51:16 AM

i love atmosphere! and i totaly agree about them going on MTV. HOW THE HECK CAN THEY DO THIS! I understand how they might want more poeple to here thier music but look at what happened to dashboard confessionals or the roots. I jsut want atmosphere to be the same old underground hip hop group everyone knows they are. It sucks to see a group with such talent sell themselves out to MTV.

Posted by: Gina at Nov 4, 2003 9:03:46 PM

Atmosphere was headed 2 mainstream but like Slug says " I might blow up but i wont go POP" ...Kingsburg/Fresno

Posted by: Studio9 at Nov 10, 2003 8:53:46 AM

Why would you want him to stay underground? Apparently you have a problem with the direction of music in the overground is heading. Therefore, if sluggo gets known that would be better, because that would help put more people on to some good non bling bling rap. THINK NEXT TIME HOMIE. PEACE-PLAN B

Posted by: backpackercracker at Nov 23, 2003 9:55:31 PM

you guys are thinking about this way too much. Let people decide for themselves where they want to go with their music. right now, the trend in mainstreem hip hop is what you would call "bling Bling". Artists like slug offer a new type of "trend". KNOWLEDGE. the problem is, is that a lot of people feel like underground hip hop belongs to them, but the truth is, it belongs to no one and everyone. good is good and wack is wack, regardless of their status with mtv.

Posted by: tay at Dec 3, 2003 1:49:41 PM

Good call on the Atmosphere atricle. About time they got some less-underground recognition, and forget Eminem, there is no comparision, Atmosphere clean up.

Posted by: Dutch at Dec 11, 2003 12:56:30 AM

slug is the deepest rapper out there, it takes alot to get where he is coming from, alot of his stuff is backwards but you still get it,I just saw him live for the 1st time last nite--handsdown the best show I ever seen

Posted by: D at Dec 12, 2003 1:42:09 AM

Slug is notorious. Although I'd hate to see him be compared to someone like Eminem, cause he's far beyond Eminem's status to the underground heads, but Slug& Atmosphere are always going to hit that hot shit, they just gonna get the money they deserve.

Posted by: drb at Dec 14, 2003 12:58:19 AM

Fuck you all........he's my secret garden haha, naw, Im proud of you sluggo
Love Crystal

Posted by: Crystal M. at Dec 15, 2003 10:25:12 AM

There are some really good hiphop artists out there, and Eminem is not one of them. Talented, he is... responsible and mature, he is not. Until recently, rage, violence, and immaturity have sold records. Now, the likes of Slug, Sage Francis, Eyedea, and of course, Hieroglyphics and Del are becoming popular and accepted. I think it's a good thing that Atmosphere is blowing up. F*ck MTV for sure, but even they will embrace "conscious" hip hop when they fully realize that it is marketable. It's just a plus that it's so damn good. P.S. keep your ears and eyes open for 11:11...

Posted by: Big Dirty RyRy at Dec 15, 2003 11:43:21 PM

you guys are unreal.. theres no way anyone should compare you to eminem, so bunk


Posted by: red at Dec 18, 2003 8:11:31 PM

'I'm proud of you sluggo'? Girls are so asinine. It's really a shame i had to be one.

Posted by: t at Dec 30, 2003 2:40:43 AM

s l u g i s t h e b e s t

Posted by: mase at Jan 2, 2004 4:31:31 PM