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Joe Budden Murder Attempt

Man, oh man. This is not what we need right now. Rich Rock of SOHH just wrote an exclusive about a murder attempt on Joe Budden, the mixtape to record deal emcee I highly touted on this site months ago. The guy survives career threatening throat problems just to go through this?

Here's a blurb of the details:

As Budden and friends sat in the vehicle, a black male in a black ski masked rolled up on a bicycle directly beside the driver door, where Budden was seated. The assailant stuck a 9mm handgun in a window and attempted to fire the weapon twice in the window. When the weapon did not fire, the gunman turned the gun directly onto Budden at point blank range and attempted to fire again.

Realizing the gun had failed on both attempts, the gunman was reported to have jokingly said "just playing" and sped off on the bicycle. Budden ensued chase in the Hummer, losing the victim and later catching up with him in front of a police precinct where the victim fled to hide.

The guy was eventually caught. If that was me, honestly I would say, "I quit! Forget this famous stuff. Somebody just tried to Merlin Santana me!"

It's a twist of irony that Joe taunts 50 Cent in a battle rhyme spitting:

"what good is your bulletproof truck when you gotta hop out?"
If Joe had died that line would have given the conspiracy theorists and lazy tabloid journalists something to fill a few pages with.

There's something weird about this story that I hope one of my co-d's can clear up. Rap News Direct (a poorly written hip-hop news site known for typos, stealing photos, and reporting gossip) had a story up about the shooting over a week ago. And they took it from another crummy hip-hop site even before that! Hmmm...

Actually the answer is probably simpler than I'm making it. This report wasn't as exclusive as Rich Rock thought it was!

*UPDATE (in the comments)

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how screwed up is that - why does everyone have to be a hitter? that's some stupid stuff - and if they guy wasn't playin', we were *that* close to yet another dead man for *no* apparent reason. damn.

Posted by: djspicerack at Nov 6, 2003 10:57:58 AM

Dayum. That's some crazy ish.

Posted by: monique at Nov 6, 2003 11:42:49 AM

Wow, it was a "ride-by" shooting! That's a hell of a get-away vehicle!

Posted by: eric at Nov 6, 2003 5:00:14 PM

*UPDATE: Michaelangelo Conte has written up the story for the Jersey Journal. Everything seemed straight until I came to the end of the article. He mentions Joe's past run-ins with the law. OK, that's relevent. But then Conte brings up Joe's feud with 50 Cent! AND he mentions 50 cent's near hit shooting at a hotel some weeks ago as if they are somehow related!

Why do news writers always do such a bad job covering out culture? When Freaky Zeaky was shot I predicted how the papers would cover it, and I was sadly accurate in my foretelling of their bias.

Posted by: Madison at Nov 6, 2003 7:27:51 PM

I heard this about Joe today, but didn't know if it were true or not. I heard Wendy Williams had been talking about it here in NYC on the radio.

Posted by: lynne at Nov 7, 2003 12:17:31 AM

Obviously it's terrible, but I also always get really curious whenever this sort of thing happens . . . do all of these guys have histories coming back to haunt them, or is it just a matter of stick-up kids looking for the glory of offing someone famous?

Posted by: David at Nov 7, 2003 4:59:12 PM

We was just scarin homeboy. showin homey he can get touched if he violate again. its fear factor, and it do work. 1

Posted by: fitty at Dec 7, 2007 8:39:08 PM