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Judge Selection for Build the Perfect Emcee

Here's the email I sent out to the hip-hop bloggers I want as judges for my Build the Perfect Emcee thing. If you have a weblog and want to be a judge just reply below and I'll check you out if a space opens up.

Hello my hip-hop brethren,
I'm emailing you this because we have either spoke in the past or we have traded links over these past few months that I've been blogging. This email is being bcc'ed to just about everyone else on my blogroll. Let me just say thanks for the good reading, insight, laughs, and advice that you guys have given me.

I working on a "best emcees" list and I am asking for your help as a judge. Yes, another best emcees list. Hip-hop wouldn't be hip-hop if we didn't rank our favorite rappers from time to time. This one is a little different. My idea is that every "best" list is flawed because one artist may be the best at one thing (like storytelling) yet fall to a low spot on the overall list. Because he ranks low we're really just saying that we don't think highly of storytelling, though there re many fans who do. Get me?

This list ranks emcees by by categories. I have them listed below. If you choose to help (and please, please do...I really want to know what you think!) then this is what needs to happen:

1. There is a first round where we all nominate the emcees. For each category choose as as many emcees as you think really excel in that area. Just email me with the list. I'll compile it.

2. I'll have a list of the top three nominees for each category. You will rank them each. I'll copile that list and have winners.

3. You can post your personal list on your site. I'll post the finished list to Blocritics.org with a link to each of your sites.

4. Because I'm so hyped about this I'll also be taking out a Google ad to promote the final results. No, I'm not paying for it. I'm getting it free from 1and1.com

Even if you don't want to participate you can follow up on everything at this part of my blog: http://dieselnation.blogs.com/hiphop/top_emcees_project/index.html

And here are the categories.

In advance, thank you Jay, Jon, Trent, Eric, Lynne, Micheal, JT, Cal, "Clyde", and Alex!

In my next update I'll tell you who wants to be down. Happy Thanksgiving!

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I'm down to do this if you need additonal panel members. Beside being an author/blogger, I've been a hip hop music fan for 21+ years, a DJ and a record exec who had something to do with some of the most seminal music in hip hop history so hit me back if you need yet another opinion.

Posted by: I-Queue at Nov 28, 2003 2:19:03 PM