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Philly versus New York Emcee Battle

What are them Philly boys thinking?

On Sat, Nov. 15 come out to the Pontiac Grill and watch those guys from EOW host an emcee challenge with the theme "Philly vs New York." It's New York's Breez Evahflowin, CF, Datin and Chocolate Tai against (yawn) Icon the Mic King, DosNoun and QC.

Performances by Black Market, Carl Kevorkian, Pack FM, and Pumpkinhead.

Here's the flyer.

It's worth the money. EOW's Emcee Challenges are the next stage in evolution for the emcee battle. Here's how they explain it on the site:

The MC Challenge was the brainchild of Vice Verses, one of the hosts at EOW, and James Bong. We had all seen the battle circuit, and although battles were entertaining, it's obvious that they dont measure all of the skills it takes to be an MC. So, we created a unique competition: as opposed to the traditional battle format of spitting head to head, the MC Challenge tests a greater range of skills. Previous MC Challenges have been re-broadcasted by Gotham TV, an Emmy-nominated television show, and covered in a variety of regional publications, such as The Amsterdam News and YRB.

Contestants compete in five events, such as writtens and freestyles, while judges award points for skills such as lyrics and stage presence.

See you there.

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Yawn huh? Guess what Madison....not only did I win, but Philly won too. =P


Posted by: iCON the Mic King at Nov 21, 2003 4:13:49 AM

Word....Thanks for representing Philly Icon....peace


Posted by: KiZ at Mar 21, 2004 3:16:36 AM

wassup im bboymegat

Posted by: bboymegat at Apr 2, 2004 11:53:22 AM