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Build Your Own Black Album Remix

When the Black Album dropped I was unhappy that Jay-Z didn't stick to his promise of releasing it open to the masses- no promotion, no distribution. You just get it however you can get it. I imagined that it would be the first the greatest open source album. Jay reneged on his original idea for the album and released it like any other music.

Weeks later he also released his vocals on vinyl. This started a rush by producers to remix the Black album using their own beats. The most notorius reworking so far has been from DJ Danger Mouse. So, in a clever way Jay did hold to the original vision...he just did it in way where he still made tons of money from it first. And his legacy grows with every remix.

He's quite the hustler.

If you want to create your own Black Album remix try using the Jay-Z construction set. They even have a blog to help you keep up with things.

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