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Quannum World Tour


On April 19th I'm going to Irving Plaza to see Quannum's World Tour bring itself to New York. The show that night features Blackalicious, one of my favorite hip-hop groups past or present, above or underground. And DJ Shadow will be there. And Lyrics Born. And the Lifesavas. and Lateef. And basically the whole Quannum records crew!

This may be the best live show that will hit New York this year. This team is known for putting on great performances as individuals and groups, but this will be special because it's the first time ALL of the them are grouped on the same bill. This better come out on a DVD so I can show my friends who I couldn't convince to come.

Let's connect if you plan to go there too. I might, might, might have an extra ticket to give away.

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I would love to go. I'm here in NYC. Particularly, I want to hook up with their promotions company to get product and write reviews. Help me out, buddy.

Posted by: METALFACE at Mar 18, 2004 9:04:34 AM

I went to the LA show in Feb. 4+ hours in heels and I didn't give a Fuuh. I finally got to meet LB, see Saul W, Abstract Rude and Blackalicious live!! Mr Lif bailed though. If only DJ Shadow were there...

Posted by: leftcoastchic at Mar 19, 2004 2:49:02 PM

i'm seeing the crew in toronto! i'm gonna die when i see gift of gab. never been to a hip hop show and i can't wait!

Posted by: new to this jive at Apr 6, 2004 7:39:53 PM

please forward all your reviews/pictures of Quannum shows to me or post it all on the solesides.com forum, as I'm more than willing to add your stuff to solesides.com

all contributions are highly appreciated!


Posted by: joost at Apr 17, 2004 3:29:20 PM


Posted by: ma576zda at Oct 22, 2007 3:08:39 PM