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The State of Black Men in America

Join me at

7PM at Hanson Place Central United Methodist Church 144 Saint Felix St, Bklyn, Phone: 718-399.0695

There will be a panel discussing "The State of Black Men in America." Hopefully I'll be enlightened and inspired by something that's said there and we don't focus on how bad we're doing.

Take any of the trains that goes to Atlantic Ave in downtown Brooklyn. More info:

Issues raised in Kevin Powell’s new book, Who’s Gonna Take the Weight? Manhood, Race, and Power in America, are the focus of a panel with Chance Brown, Alvin Starks, Sway, and Erich K. Williams, moderated by NY1’s Dean Meminger, and a performance by Khalil Al Mustafa. Saturday, there is a males-only day of workshops on fatherhood, relationships, and financial literacy and planning at the same location.

See you there.

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Didn't know U were going, sorry we didn't catch up there. I went to a pretty cool open mic afterwards in DUMBo. Terrible MC's bbut great live band. Young cats doing the live hip hop band thing a la The Roots.

Posted by: ian at Mar 29, 2004 1:08:36 PM