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Hip-Hop Style Grows Up

Good stuff from MTV on the new mature dress style is hip-hop. Read all three articles and peep the extra pictures and videos. Writer Shaheem Reid does a great job covering this new trend. I plan to keep my eyes open for his other work.

Here are some article quotes:

"The gentleman's movement is in effect," Dre continues. "I think somewhere along the line in hip-hop and R&B, we lost a lot of class. I think it's time to show these boys how to dress, most definitely."
"Jay is like a walking poster child with anything he says or brings light to," Loon says with a smile. "He brought light to the button-ups and getting suited up. People are hearing that and it's starting to register. We got to start cleaning up our act."
"Wearing more adult apparel isn't an entirely new trend. In the 1990 movie "House Party," all the kids looked snazzy as they danced in Play's crib. Who could forget the jiggy explosion that Notorious B.I.G. and Puff Daddy ushered in? People who couldn't even pronounce Versace and Armani were shelling out the dough to keep in step with the labels Big Poppa name-dropped in his music. But in those days, the clothes were more playalistic. Bentley, Kanye and their disciples, on the other hand, are wearing clothes that are truly conservative, even preppy."

But yeah...read the whole thing.

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This is a great article, however are brothas outside the industry really picking up on this "trend"? I have yet to experience anything other than timberlands, throwbacks and if there is a suit, its more of the bright orange, green or red variety with matching gators.

Oh how I would swoon to see a man in a beautiful, classic-cut Armani suit. Oh *chills* the beauty of it all!

Posted by: rock at May 2, 2004 8:34:43 AM