Harlem Book Fair 2004

I'm bringing $200 to spend on books just this one day. Here are the details:

The Annual Book Fair will take place Saturday, July 24, 2004. This, the largest book fair of its kind, is expected to draw more than 40,000 New Yorkers and visitors to West 135th Street (between Fifth Avenue and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Boulevards in Harlem), from 12 PM to 6 PM. Over 250 booths will be set up along West 135th Street, offering books, story-telling, readings, and opportunities to meet and greet authors on four stages that will feature spoken word poets, celebrities, and music throughout the day.

I may even volunteer. To join me, contact Brook Stephenson at (718) 604-8199, or electronically sign up for a volunteer spot.

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Blogger Talk @ Apple Store SOHO

Join me tonight at this event. If you don't know, now you know.

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Quannum World Tour Hookup

I couldn't get anyone to come with me to the Quannum show I'm going to. If any of you readers are going reply here and let's look up.

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The State of Black Men in America

Join me at

7PM at Hanson Place Central United Methodist Church 144 Saint Felix St, Bklyn, Phone: 718-399.0695

There will be a panel discussing "The State of Black Men in America." Hopefully I'll be enlightened and inspired by something that's said there and we don't focus on how bad we're doing.

Take any of the trains that goes to Atlantic Ave in downtown Brooklyn. More info:

Issues raised in Kevin Powell’s new book, Who’s Gonna Take the Weight? Manhood, Race, and Power in America, are the focus of a panel with Chance Brown, Alvin Starks, Sway, and Erich K. Williams, moderated by NY1’s Dean Meminger, and a performance by Khalil Al Mustafa. Saturday, there is a males-only day of workshops on fatherhood, relationships, and financial literacy and planning at the same location.

See you there.

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Quannum World Tour


On April 19th I'm going to Irving Plaza to see Quannum's World Tour bring itself to New York. The show that night features Blackalicious, one of my favorite hip-hop groups past or present, above or underground. And DJ Shadow will be there. And Lyrics Born. And the Lifesavas. and Lateef. And basically the whole Quannum records crew!

This may be the best live show that will hit New York this year. This team is known for putting on great performances as individuals and groups, but this will be special because it's the first time ALL of the them are grouped on the same bill. This better come out on a DVD so I can show my friends who I couldn't convince to come.

Let's connect if you plan to go there too. I might, might, might have an extra ticket to give away.

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Soul Position and Rooselvelt Franklin @ SOB's

DJ's rule hip-hop. I enjoy a good DJ set more than an emcee's performance at a live hip-hop show. That's why I'm hyped to go see Soul Position and Rooselvelt Franklin @ SOB's on December 9th.

For those not up on things, Soul Position is the emcee Blueprint and the DJ RJD2. They released a record this year called "8 Million Stories." Roosevelt Franklin is the emcee Kimani and the DJ Mr. Len. They have a new release of their own called "Something Gotta Give." Both of these DJ's are well respected icons on the indie hip-hop scene. I'm sure I'm going to enjoy myself.

If you plan to come, drop me a comment and we can hook up.

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Philly versus New York Emcee Battle

What are them Philly boys thinking?

On Sat, Nov. 15 come out to the Pontiac Grill and watch those guys from EOW host an emcee challenge with the theme "Philly vs New York." It's New York's Breez Evahflowin, CF, Datin and Chocolate Tai against (yawn) Icon the Mic King, DosNoun and QC.

Performances by Black Market, Carl Kevorkian, Pack FM, and Pumpkinhead.

Here's the flyer.

It's worth the money. EOW's Emcee Challenges are the next stage in evolution for the emcee battle. Here's how they explain it on the site:

The MC Challenge was the brainchild of Vice Verses, one of the hosts at EOW, and James Bong. We had all seen the battle circuit, and although battles were entertaining, it's obvious that they dont measure all of the skills it takes to be an MC. So, we created a unique competition: as opposed to the traditional battle format of spitting head to head, the MC Challenge tests a greater range of skills. Previous MC Challenges have been re-broadcasted by Gotham TV, an Emmy-nominated television show, and covered in a variety of regional publications, such as The Amsterdam News and YRB.

Contestants compete in five events, such as writtens and freestyles, while judges award points for skills such as lyrics and stage presence.

See you there.

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Raekwon and C-Rayz Walz

Cursed be me. Raekwon and C-Rayz Walz came through to perform at BB Kings and I missed it. I put this on my calendar but somehow didn't pay attention. I was planning to write a review on it for Philaflava, Blogcritics, HHI, or whoever publishes my stuff nowadays.

Just to taunt me, the good folks at Film Magic have pictures of the whole thing.

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Hip-hop Live Shows

I love a well done hip-hop concert. The fresh music, the palpable energy, the connection with other fans who are singing along, dancing along, bobbing their heads along with you in unison. Going to New York hip-hop clubs has introduced me to artists I have not known, and made me have less respect for artists I used to be a fan of.

But I don't just critisize. My hip-hop group has also been known to rock a party a little something-something.


I'm the gully negro in the middle sporting the striped shirt.

Jay must share the same love I have. He just updated his events section and added a slew of tours from 8 groups. He's asking for artists to contact him with more dates, but before he gets into the event listing business I suggest maybe he invests in some content management software like the calendar script that Black Inq uses.

For New Yorkers like me, you can find the latest neighborhood hip-hop shows at these fine websites:

1. Gotham Soul- my personal favorite and the best designed site on this list. Even has a blog....kind of.

2. Plugaction- probably the most well-known and updated of the bunch

3. Shredded Melody- hey, this site has seriously gotten better since I first looked at it. I'll add it to my weekly must-peeps.

4. Partyzone- all of the sites I mentioned do a horrible job covering shows outside of Manhattan. This site fills in the gap.

Dang, that's a lot of linkage in this post.

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CMJ Hip Hop Meet-N-Greet 2003

I just got this email forwarded to me:

once again Bumrush, SPECTRE, and Room Service bring you the 3rd Annual Official Un-Official CMJ HipHop Meet and Greet... let any artists or promotors that you know of, know about this event! its the perfect opportunity to meet the urban college DJs from around the country...so don't miss out...oh, and yes, there is NO charge...

Hey, I like that last part. Here's the info:
Thursday October 23rd (5pm-8pm) @ The Lemon
BumRush, SPECTRE, Room Service present:
3rd Annual CMJ Hip Hop Meet-N-Greet
featuring: DJ Eclipse (of Non Phixion), DJ Mighty Mi (of High & Mighty), & DJ Bro Rabb (of The Butta Team). also sponsored by: Eastern Conference Records, Touchbase, Rhymesayers Entertainment, BabyGrande, Definitive Jux, Trife Life Records, Quannum Projects, & Brick Records.

Peep the flyer

And visit some other hip-hop events happening at CMJ.

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