Morgan Spurlock Sucks

The science behind the "smoking kills millions" talk is pretty shaky. So are the facts powering the oncoming anit-fast food movement.

Morgan Spurlock is smartly riding the wave before it hits. He's the guy who ate all that McDonalds to prove how harmful it is to the body and made a movie about it. Critics have raved about the film, but Byron Crawford isn't buying the hype. He says (and I agree):

"people like this Morgan Spurlock fellow, PETA, NARAL and the rest of these fruits make the left in this country seem like a buncha homos. Rather than, say make a film where he hunts and kills John Ashcroft, he makes a film that attacks McDonalds, which is mostly consumed by poor people and, most importantly, tastes fantastic."

Soso Whaley is doing the same experiment and she's losing weight. So what's the real deal?

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Bad Design in Hip-hop

I just read a well written review of "Non-Stop Hip Hop: The Videos" and was struck by this line:

"First off, the packaging is laughable, if not offensive: With its pseudo-graffiti proclamation, "The Hottest Jamz Eva!", and bandana-and -Mike-Vick-jersey-clad G-Thang on the cover, it plays into the most basic hip-hop stereotypes"
I always considered bad design of hip-hop products by people who don't understand our culture to be silly and laughable. But offensive? No. Though maybe I should.

That's why I'm making sure my new blog looks good.

And props to Tonedeff for producing great examples of good web design.

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Def Filmmaker Talent Search and Tour

Russell Simmons already has a clothing line, magazine, tv and broadway show, energy drink, and lobbying group. So what's next for hip-hop's biggest mogul? Personally, I was hoping it would be books, kinda of like Meow-Meow Productions, which put out the popular urban novels B-More Careful and True to the Game.

But no dice. It's movies this time.

Russell and his partner Stan Lathan have created Def Filmaker and are looking for talent to showcase on thier upcoming national film festival tour.

Sounds like a great opportunity. Urban Mag has an interview with the new film company's lead executive as well as these submission guidelines:

New Def Filmmakers---WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU.

If you're a filmmaker with a voice that needs to be heard on the hottest Hip Hop channel on the planet
please submit your short, feature film, documentary, music video, performance or interview footage for
consideration to be licensed on our site. In addition, you may be considered for the New Def Filmmakers program, with a chance to have your future work produced. Potential candidates will be notified if we are interested in other material you may have available.


- Cover letter with the following information:

a) Type of content: Short, Feature, Documentary, Music Video, Interview, Performance (Music, Comedy, Poetry)
b) Total running time
c) Year of completion
d) Original shooting format (35MM, 16MM, DV, Mini-DV, High-Def)
e) Brief synopsis

- VHS screening cassette (please make sure tape is clearly labeled with contact info)
- Resume/bio with appropriate contact info (including email address or fax #)
- Any press materials if available
- List of festivals where you've screened

Send your package to the following address:

Simmons Lathan Media Group 5482 Wilshire Blvd.
P.O.Box #1906
Los Angeles,
California 90036

You will be notified via email or fax once we receive your submission.
Please no phone calls and allow reasonable time for a response.

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