Hip Hop Blogs Is Live

My new site, Hip Hop Blogs is up. I'm excited, but I'm not. Diesel Nation will change and become more personal. I'll explain more later, ya'll.

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My name is Hashim

I am redesigning the site (again) this time with the help of a webdesigner that specializes in blogs. One of changes I will make is adding photos of myself on the site, a better about me page, and signing my real name on posts.

So this is what I look like, courtesy of my NEC picture phone.
My name is Hashim (formerly Madison of the Wordsmiths)

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Fantasy Basketball League

It's about that time of year again. Basketball is back, and this season is going to be exciting. Will the Lakers dominate despite Kobe's legal battles and knee surgery? Will Lebron James live up to the hype? Will the Knicks get any softer? Yes, no, and probably.

Disagree? Ay...then put your rep on the line and join my fantasy basketball team. If you want to join just email me or shoot me a quick message at the bottom of this post. I'll send you the league id and password. Here's the details so you know what you're getting into:

1. The commitment is for once a week every week until the league ends. You can slack for three weeks, but that's it. I'll have to kick you out to maintain the quality of the league.

2. The custom roster you choose in the draft goes head-to-head against another roster in the league. You rotate the opposing team you go up against every week. Trust me, this way of playing is really fun.

3. Be prepared to make trades. You don't have to do it, but it's rude not to be open to negotiation with the other fantasy GMs. So factor that into your commitment time.

4. First come first serve. That's how I'll choose the draft order. But I'm saving spots for Trent, Jon, Jay, Jason, and Alex (who already has up his predictions).

5. I need you to contact me by the end of the week. So hurry!

5. Um...there's a couple more things but I'll tell you over email if you're really that interested.

Play on, players.

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Wordsmiths Music is Back!

"It's been a long time..."
Man, this is good news. The website for my international band of stick up kids is finally back up and running.

-You can go to the site here: Wordsmiths Music
-visit the message boards here: Wordsmiths Music Forums
-listen to one of our songs here: "Hold On"
-read our reviews here: UGSmag, Cyberkrib, and HHI.
-buy it here: Amazon.com

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Diesel Nation Relaunch Coming Soon!

Man, I hate running a website. Even blogging, which is designed to be easy is too much work for a non-geek like myself. I have been spending more time looking for tools to build Diesel Nation rather than digging up links for good posts. It's not supposed to be this way...

Well, hopefully all the hard work will pay off. I have about 8 features that I've been tinkering with that will make this place what I've dreamed it could be. So stay with me...things are about to get really fun.

Thanks to my people's for all their help. Visit their blogs on the left. And subscribe to my newsletter. That way you'll know when the big update happens.

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Hip-hop Blogs Syndicated!

Yessir! I just added a new feature to the site. If you are on the front page of Diesel Nation scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find a syndicated feed of the latest posts from some of my favorite hip-hop blogs. Don't understand what I just said? Just go there, read the posts, and visit these bloggers often. (Thank-you Glenn)

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The New Diesel Nation Hip-hop blog

This is my new Type Pad powered hip-hop blog. My frienenies call me "Madison" and I'm the third member of an international group of stick-up kids called the Wordsmiths. This is where I'll share news and views on hip-hop scene. Stick with me as this place forms.

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