Slang Dictionary: Gully

Gully is a slang word meaning "macho." Let me jack the macho definition verbatim:

1. A strong or exaggerated sense of masculinity stressing attributes such as physical courage, virility, domination of women, and aggressiveness.

On DJ Clue's song, "The Professional" Havok of Mobb Deep says:

"Niggaz think they gully, on the inside sweet like honey."
Also, when Star (the trash talking former radio personality at Hot 97) dissed Big Tigger and Prodigy on air he was said to be "keeping it gully."

On SOHH forum member Majestyx Saba reasons that the word actually comes from Jamaican slang and is related to it's mainstream meaning of "gutter."

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Slang Dictionary: "Math"

"Math" is a New York slang word for phone number. I figure it's based on how a written phone number looks like a math equation- (212) 555-1212.

Nas uses the word on the song "Small World" off the I am... album:

"After that I usually, bumped into her shoppin for jewerly
Her bodyguard screwin me, I gave her my math"
Also, Bobbito casually used the word twice back in '98 at the end of a Big L freestyle:
"Yo, I'm gonna give you my math"
And even Tupac says the word on the song "Gotta Get Mine":
"so many niggas lied to have
funny what a muthaf****a do for math"

Trent points out that "math" also can mean "figure it out." Thanks.

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