Rent Party

I met Donald at the Black Blogger Bash we ad in New York earlier this year. He's a cool cat. And he needs your help. Visit his rent party for more details.

I'll donate something to him as soon as I can, which will probably be next paycheck. It would be cool though if he decided to have a real rent party. I would cook something for it and pay the door price.

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Hip-hop Slip Ups

I just found this funny list of mistakes made in hip-hop lyrics. Some examples are:

"I predicted I'ma die squeezin, thuggin through the 5 seasons"
- Capone on You Can't Kill Me (2000)
Of course there are 4 seasons, not five.
"I'm a sucker for cornrows and manicured toes"
- Nelly from E.I. (2000)
How can you manicure toes? That's a pedicure.

One that's my favorite slip up but not on the list is:

"And any emcee in all 52 states"
-O.D.B. from Shimy Shimmy Ya
He must be talking about a deck of cards because the US has 50 states.

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Black Blogger Bash NYC

Last month I got to hang out with some Black Bloggers in NYC. Peep some of the pictures that Donald took.

I wonder if he minds if I jack just one:

Jay, Ian, and Trent need to come through next time.

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When I hung out with Jay Smooth to see Return of the King he told me that his site (hip-hop has been in existence since the mid-late 90's. That's old-old-old in internet time.

By chance I found this archived page of Jay's site from 6 years ago! Whoa...I had know idea the internet existed back then and here he was creating one of hip-hop's earliest websites.

Peep some other archived pages from the site throughout the years.

This is all courtesy of the good folks from the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine

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Sneaker Review Website

I love hip-hop. I love hip-hop on the web. I hate with a passion badly designed hip-hop sites. Especially those written by fake hip-hop journalists who spam you with pop up ads (and by the way...comb your hair ma! That neo soul garbage is dead!).

With that said, I'm in love with Kicksology! It's a review site for basketball sneakers. What a great idea! What beautiful design! I mean really...the design is gorgeous. And the ads aren't intrusive, but helpful.

The site looks completely like a weblog but it's not (or is it?) [UPDATE: Wait. They do have a blog. I'll add it to my sidebar in a minute.]. I just wish they had some type of syndication feed [UPDATE: I'm a dummy. They do have an xml/rss feed. I'll add that to "hip-hop blogs syndicated"].

Here's a blurb from their "About this site" page:

At the time that was started there were plenty of shoe-related sites on the Web, many of which were and still are great places to go for information about sneakers that are soon to be released or to just talk about kicks.

What was lacking, though, was a site where people could go to find out how good or bad all of these new sneakers really are. So our goal at is to provide people with an impartial, 3rd party site for the in-depth review of sneakers from a variety of manufacturers.

We review sneakers on a variety of criteria, with the emphasis on function over form (design preferences are so subjective that it won't do much good for us to get too heavily involved in that area), and provide the balling public with our thoughts.

We don't pull any punches, if we think a shoe doesn't make the cut we'll let you know, no matter who makes it or who endorses it.

So before you go to the local store and put down a few Benjamins for a new pair of kicks, we hope you'll give us a visit first...

I will.

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Hip-hop Blog

Months ago I started this hip-hop blog because I couldn't find any good ones out there. Even a Google search of "hip-hop blog" doesen't turn up many good results. And the highest ranked result is for one of the wackest hip-hop blogs out there while one of the best isn't even in the top thirty.

What the deal?

Jon of has a post that's being continously updated with new blogs that deal with our culture. So browse and enjoy a great hip-hop blog.

**Blogging community take note: we can collectively help out these Google search results by linking Jon's specific post and giving it the label hip-hop blog. In a few weeks time anyone who searches those terms will find that post and therefore find what they're really looking for. Also, the blogs that Jon lists will move up in their Google ranking of that same term. Good news for everyone involved. To understand exactly what I'm saying, check out this great article on "Google bombing"

***UPDATE: We did it! If you click on the Google link you'll find that the first three listings are exactly what a user would be looking for if they did that search. However, I did not mean for this post or my site to becoming the #1 result. No matter...they'll still find what they're looking for by following my link to Jon's site. Thannks to all the bloggers who helped behind the scenes!

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