Hip-hop News Bits

Tune Recycler

great idea using Pepsi's iTunes promotion to protest major labels and support indie artists.

| 20 Feb 2004 Comm/TB |

Music Plasma

Visualy displays artists that you may like based on who you listen to now. It actually works.

| 22 Jan 2004 Comm/TB |

50 Cent and Jay-Z Back2Back Reebok Video

I like the video and I think I'm getting the G-Unit sneakers. (link via Ian)

| 23 Dec 2003 Comm/TB |

G-Unit, Beanie Sigel Both Working On Saturday Morning Cartoons

Um...yeah, ok.

| 22 Dec 2003 Comm/TB |

Yahoo! Autos Users Pick OutKast's ''Hey Ya'' as the Best Driving Song of 2003

Wow. Some songs are just made for cars. I didn't think this was one of them but thousands disagree with me.

| 22 Dec 2003 Comm/TB |

Hip-hop Wins Big at BillBoard Awards

I haven't read this article yet but it's written by the talented Kelefa Sanneh so I'm sure it's link worthy. Ian, who was up on things months ago has comments.

| 15 Dec 2003 Comm/TB |

RIAA Targets Mixtapes

They truly don't understand the industry they claim to represent. Watch out Kay Slay and Clue.

| 14 Dec 2003 Comm/TB |

Lauryn Disses the Pope at Vatican Concert

Catholic Bishops go to Lauryn Hill concerts? That's funny. My thoughts? What she did was tasteless.

| 14 Dec 2003 Comm/TB |

Benzino's Former White Protégé Speaks on Eminem Racism Accusations

The Boston Strangla sheds more light on Benzino's hypocrisy. Seems the Source co-owner pressured this other White emcee to use the N-Word on a song.

| 26 Nov 2003 Comm/TB |

Black Album Originally a Jay-Z/Primo Project

This article floored me. Jay-Z orignally was set to make Primo the sole producer on the Black Album. Guess that's before he met Just Blaze and Kanye West!

| 26 Nov 2003 Comm/TB |

MTV's MC Battle

I was surprised at how good the battle was. Catch the replays and enjoy. Congrats to Wrekonize; he deserved to win.

| 23 Nov 2003 Comm/TB |

Russell Backs Eminem

Russell Simmons' Hip-Hop Summit Action Network has given their support to Eminem. Russ doesn't buy that Eminem is the racist Benzino is painting him out to be. Yeah, most thinking adults feel the same way.

| 20 Nov 2003 Comm/TB |

Hip-hop and Global Culture

It's true-Our beloved culture has had an impact around the world. But this article goes deeper and explores how hip-hop has been influenced by global culture- even Asian philosophy!

| 20 Nov 2003 Comm/TB |