Google retracts "Related Searches" from Adsense

Yetserday when I began to see the "related searches" option on my adsense banners I was not happy about it at all. Other webmasters felt the same. Google has wisely responded by taking off the feature. Here's the email they sent me explaining why:

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Google Ain't that Smart

If you search "Schwarzenegger for Governor" on Google you get this weblog as the first listing. Is that really what you wanted? Read the comments for an interesting discussion on pagerank.

*And who needs to buy ads when trackback is enabled =)

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Google News Alert

Google news just got better. They just released their "Google News Alert" service which allows you to receive news updates by email. You can choose up to fifty search terms to keep track of and how often. It's still in beta so expect to find bugs. Here are some links:
1. News Alerts main site
2. FAQ
3. Feedback
4. Discuss on Google Groups
5. Terms of Use
6. Privacy Policy

And some early news on the service:
1. Pc Pro
2. Business Week

And finally some early commentary on it:
1. Jeremy Zawodny- good discussion about rss feeds.
2. Abakus
3. Feedster
4. Currybet

Later commentary and uses:
1. John Robb and Disruptive Technology (cool!)
2. Eamonn Fitgerald- comparison to other news alert services, including Yahoo! and NYTimes
3. Jeremiah Oeltjen
4. Gen Kanai- he's right. This service might not stay free. Hopefully they'll opt for relevent in email ads instead of a fee.
5. Erik Moeller Metafilter - he suggested news alerts over a year ago. I wonder what took them so long to do something that seems so simple?

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Diesel Nation Toolbox

This weblog is dedicated to showcasing all of the web tools that make Diesel Nation possible.

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